Track Your App Performance with Mobile App Analytics Tools:

Mobile App Analytics Tools

Mobile App is the latest trend in business and it adds big value to businesses. With all the benefits a mobile app holds, it is important to track all the activities with your mobile app to reap all the benefits out of it. Analytics tools help you track all these activities and give you a perfect picture of where your business stands in the market. It gives detailed summary for all the required information which enhances your business decisions.

Finding areas from which most revenue is generated for your business, tracking new users, finding areas in your app which are most visited and enjoyed by users, finding areas with maximum crash reports and enhancing it for users benefit, knowing about the most popular source for your app download and many other important information can be obtained from mobile analytics tools. Many of these tools are free to download and are enriched with lots of other features which can help you make better business decisions.


• This analytic tool supports both IOS and Android.

• It helps developers understand the user behaviour and also provides crash reports and other information on its real time dashboard.

• It has very less integration time and is enriched with pre-built kits which help integration with twitter and few other platforms.


• Amplitude was launched in 2014 with an aim to provide in depth insights to businesses in the most affordable and accessible way.

• Along with real time behavioural statistics, it also provides raw SQL data.

• It offers core analytics for free which also includes unlimited data history and user accounts and 10 million user activities per month.

• Enterprise tier for Amplitude provides increased support, advance security and compliance. It is designed to meet requirements of larger business.


• This analytic tool is most preferred by startups, for it provides analytics by actions of the users when they interact with your mobile app's digital touch points and not by downloads and page views.

• User engagement, demographics, user retention, Alfa/Beta testing, areas which degrade users experience are major analytics provided by this tool. All this data can be seen together on the dashboard. It also provides facility for custom alerts.

• Mixpanel is free for a particular duration only. After crossing a certain usage limit, it is chargeable.


• Flurry is very popular and used for understanding user behaviour on your mobile app. It allows you to understand user's journey in your mobile app and helps you analyze customer's experience of using your mobile app.

• It also allows you to track different events and create segments and provides crash analytics.

• It supports platforms like IOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Mobile Web.


• Piwik is an open source free to use analytics platform which provides mobile app statistics and reports.

• It allows mobile app developers to track active users, error reports, track events and provides information about operating system.

There are many other tools which provide mobile app analytics and help you make better business insights. It presents a clear view of where your business stands and what is required to boost your mobile app usage among your customers.