Let Your Mobile App Developer Create a Secured App For Your Business:

The mobile app development industry has reached all sectors and is successfully adding value to businesses. But is it really secure to use a mobile app? While getting your mobile apps developed, make sure you insist your mobile app developer to create a mobile app considering all the security measures. Mobile Apps are stored in devices and hence are more vulnerable to malicious threats as compared to web Applications.Many customers take security from the apps for granted while downloading it from App store, so it is important for the Mobile App companies to take care of customers' data and wrap it with security layers. Mobile Apps which require a customer's personal information and perform finance transactions, need to be more cautious about securing the customers data as they are easy targets for hackers.

Common threats to a less secured Mobile App:

  1. Less secured mobile apps have the risk of malware attacks, which can access customer's personal data and can steal mobile lock passwords.
  2. Storing key strokes and intercepting sensitive information while performing transactions are common risks with less secured apps.
  3. It can affect your company's backend network by occupying your IP address and can cause tremendous harm to your system.
  4. Customer's data is at great risk and can result into identity thefts.
  5. It can make changes with App code and replace your App with Spoof App which contains viruses or malware.

Reasons Causing Threats

Security is an important factor to consider while the mobile app developer creates one. As native applications are downloaded from app store and resides in smart phone, it has more risk of getting affected with malicious content and results into application failure.

Here are few reasons which can cause security risk are:

Insufficient testing: Testing is an important part of project life cycle. Before the mobile app developer releases the app to customers, it is required to go through robust test cycle to avoid the effect of any malware or inception of any kind from any third party.

Human Error: One of the most important parts of app development is secure coding. If the mobile app developer fails to write a robust code for the app, there are great chances for the hacker to hack the code and tamper with the App functionalities.

Hacking activity:If you are running a successful app with a huge array of customers, there will be lot of hacking risk with your app. It might become a direct target for the hacker.

Securing Your Mobile Apps

Securing your app is a sure way to win more customers. It is important to provide high security to your customers' information so that they can trust your app.

You must take care of the following things while securing your app:

  1. The mobile app developer should make the app code as agile as possible and secure it with encryption.
  2. Modification of code, use of security algorithms and other API encryption can help you avoid security risk and makes your app robust.
  3. Test you app again and again to avoid any possible risk factor. If possible, run your source code scanning on a regular basis to check for any vulnerability.

While planning and adding security layers to your App, the mobile app developer should make sure that it does not affect the performance of the App. Runtime memory used by algorithms for security should not affect the speed and other activities of the mobile App.